Sample Calendar

For security reasons, we cannot post our current calendar. This is a sample of some of our events from a previous January & February. Email us at for a current event calendar.

Some of our regular events include a walking group, a book and movie club, little sibs play dates and Mom’s nights out. 

Jan 2 11 am. Join Landon and Leeland at the Stark County Main Library for book exchange. Bring a gently used or new book to swap.

Jan 9 11:30 am. Meet Judy, Weston and Evie at the McKinley Museum.

Jan 15 4:30 pm. Tiqvah service project. Join moms club to serve a meal to at risk students in downtown Canton.

Jan 16 11:30 am. Join Liz, Bella, and Ana for a Safety Demo with the Jackson Fire Department.

Jan 20  Play date and craft at Rachel’s home.

Jan 23 11:30 am. Join Megan at the downtown library.

Jan 27 6:30 pm. Book Club; Mulligans.

Jan 30 12:00 pm. Join Zoey for lunch and Play at Chick-Fil-A.

Feb 3 11:00 am. Join Rachel, Anderson, and Simon at ECRC 1718 Cleveland Ave NW

Feb 6 11:30 Join Zoey to read and play at the North Canton Library

Feb 13 Join Leah at Chuck E Cheese 11:30

Feb 20 9:00 Join Landon and Leeland for Little sibs play date with music at Stark Main Library. Bring your favorite music instrument.

Feb 24 6:30 Book and a Movie Club at Rachel’s.

Feb 27 Play date at Becca’s house.